Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

@AlpineAnglican Church of the Blessed Trinity

A week or so ago I spoke with one of our eReader of the Alpine Anglican Report. She likes having all the pictures, weather report, the links to the Propers, Class, and Sermon. However, she like know how many folk were present. So about the numbers, I don’t always have the numbers when the report is filed, but I’ll try to include them when available. But as I suggest to my Alpine Anglican Report critic, she could come as she’s only 40 or 45 minutes away and increase our numbers. Of course our Lord is only interest in one number and that is you. You’re being “in communion” is the essence of worship of the Blessed Trinity. Yes, I’ve gone from preachin’ to meddlin’, but what’s a Padre to do?

It was 77 degrees and clear blue skies over Alpine Anglican Church and with a number of people gone we were blessed with 14 of us worshipping on this 13th Sunday after Trinity. The Padre was fired up as we had a great set of reading today. Yes, the Epistle from the third chapter of Galatians is one of the most challenging readings to understand, so it made really good sermon material. Read the Propers and then the Sermon. On a personal weather note, I’m hoping for a few Santa Ana days this week as the pool is down to a chilly 83 degrees, at least when the air temperature is pushing 60 degrees at sunrise.

Our welcoming songs included Holy Moment; Amazing Love; Abide with Me; and How Great is our God. The Padre printed the wrong hymns in the power-point slides, but at least the words were correct so we were all singing the same song. Chris provided some great solo acolyte work and others were pitching in to cover for those traveling this weekend. Sorry, we don’t have Tim’s fishing report from the High Sierra’s as they don’t seem to have much cell service above 10,000 feet.

Today’s Ten-Minute Teaching continued with “Real Christianity: a review for Confirmation. ” Today our focus was on how our belief influences our behavior. It really does matter what you believe as it has a direct effect upon your life. This series is based upon the teachings of the Christian faith as summarized by William Wilberforce and looking at how these Biblical teachings are fundamental to our being in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. No word on Bishop Boyce coming for Confirmation next month.

Today’s Propers: Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity. Stephanie B was our Reader for this morning.

Today’s Message: God's Promises: Covenant, Law, and Christ

Mary Lou R provided our hospitality snacks this morning. Mary Lou made Banana Bread, Egg Salad Sandwiches, and White Chocolate cookies. The snacks quickly disappeared and all that was left were the smiling faces—please excuse my napkin as I wipe the crumbs off.

After Church some of us headed over to Ahi Sushi to talk about Groups and outreach. More good food and conversation. One of the Groups is meeting this week: Theology On Tap. We’ll be at the Alpine Brewery on Thursday, 9/22/2011 from 7:00-8:30pm. Don will be back in town and has a couple of theology questions to bounce around. Hopefully we’ll not get too loud and get bounced out of the brewery—I guess it would make a good story.

On Sunday, 9/25/2011, Alpine has its Viejas Parade in the afternoon. You will have no problem driving in on Sunday morning. You might want to stay on after church, grab a bite, and then head up to the parade route. We’re hoping the Padre can arrange space for the FreeTeenGuitarClass to entertain the crowd near Five-Corners the hour or so before the parade. More details during the week.

May our Lord Jesus bless you through out this week!